Service Design Thinking

Among the many books I read in the last few months, “This is Service Design Thinking” (Schneider, J and Stickdorn, M, 2011) was one of my favourites. I was curious to know if starting a service-based business is much different from a product-based business and this gave me answers to many of my questions! I was […]

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What is a MVP?

My initial translation of MVP was “Most Valuable Player” as Michale Jordan from the 90s came to mind. But no, in business when we talk about MVP, it translates to “Minimum Viable Product.” What does that mean? Think of a pilot for a TV series. A pilot has the key features, key actors and a […]

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Body storming: The Jubilee Line

This week’s task: Body storming – Getting in touch with your physical environment (Comi, 2017). We were to observe things around us in our daily lives and identify a problem that we want to solve. As Londoners know all to well, the trains could be suffocatingly overcrowded. As some of us commute on the tube, over ground, […]

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Red or blue?

When I heard the word, strategy, I used to think of football teams coming up with a plan to beat their opponent, or businesses planning 5 years ahead. But now, it means more than that. As Carter, Clegg and Kornberger (2008) state, “strategy is everywhere.” When did we start using strategy? The origin of strategy […]

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Sell it like Don Draper

My first look into the advertising world was through “Mad Men”. Of course, there’s so much more to the industry than a TV series can possibly show, but I have a strong suspicion that it was a pretty accurate depiction of how things went down in the 60s in that particular industry. I enjoyed watching […]

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