My adidas Brief and D&AD Awards

The last few weeks have been submission, pitching, new job starting, and performing our first flash mob kind of fun! Everyday, there was something due and before I knew it, we’re in April! I successfully submitted my adidas brief to the D&AD Awards I’ve been working on for the last couple of months. The research […]

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The Journey of adidas

I’m currently working on a brief for adidas, one of my favourite sneaker-maker and sport brand. I’ve been rocking adidas for years now and until I started researching the company, I had no idea it was founded in 1949 and in Germany! I admit it was ignorant of me to think it was an American […]

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Bright Ideas Competition

I pitched at the Grand Finals for Bright Ideas Competition and won an award for the service category with my business idea and company, “The Unified Wolves”. The idea is to incorporate the Performing Arts to advertise Small and Medium Enterprises. The pitch was 3 minutes long followed by a 5 minute Q&A by the judges […]

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Pitch What?

On Day 2 of TriggerKU, I pitched my business idea for the first time in front of judges. We had a chance to talk to coaches on day 1 on how to develop our ideas and received advice on how to deliver a compelling pitch. It’s interesting how sometimes just talking about your idea to […]

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Service Design Thinking

Among the many books I read in the last few months, “This is Service Design Thinking” (Schneider, J and Stickdorn, M, 2011) was one of my favourites. I was curious to know if starting a service-based business is much different from a product-based business and this gave me answers to many of my questions! I was […]

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What is a MVP?

My initial translation of MVP was “Most Valuable Player” as Michale Jordan from the 90s came to mind. But no, in business when we talk about MVP, it translates to “Minimum Viable Product.” What does that mean? Think of a pilot for a TV series. A pilot has the key features, key actors and a […]

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